The Northwest's Real Estate Solution For Sellers, Rental Buyers, and Investors

We buy, fix, rent, lease, and sell NW real estate.  We improve & enhance our local communities and help local property owners, as well as investors, share in our positive high growth real estate market.

The Magic of Passive Income Starts with Revest

We offer our Investors and Partners great opportunities in turn-key properties, enhanced cash-flow properties, lease options, lending opportunities, syndications, discounted liens, and off-market properties.

We work with each investor to determine what strategy is best to achieve their financial goals.  We pre-screen each opportunity to determine its investment metrics and determine the best financing approach. We do due diligence, including establishing estimated investment returns for each investor.

Choose which strategy fits best with your investment goals:

Fix & Flip

This strategy is quite popular. We find the deal, and you fund the deal; we will take care of the repairs, the project management, and the disposition of the property. This strategy takes a year or less and should return better than 15% IRR on invested funds.

Discounted Liens

We are one of the few companies that specialize in this unique strategy. This is not your typical tax lien strategy. We seek out older liens, such as lawsuit judgments & mechanics liens, on properties all over the country. We take control of the liens for a significant discount and then work to have the lien re-paid. Discounted liens are an excellent passive strategy for self-directed IRAs.

Fix & Hold

This strategy also involves locating a property in need of rehab, but the exit strategy is more long-term. This strategy is an excellent tax-sheltered opportunity that offers growth, cash flow, and tax advantages.

Private Lending

We offer hard money loans to investors and contractors.

This opportunity provides excellent cash flow without property ownership. Lending is the perfect passive investment strategy for someone who does not want to be a landlord or work on a fix & flip.  We offer these loans through

Enhanced Cash Flow

This strategy involves acquiring real estate that can be purposed to provide enhanced cash flow beyond a typical rental property. Some of our strategies include short-term vacation rentals, shared housing, eldercare housing, and lease options. We usually offer these properties as syndications or joint ventures and will have an equity stake along with you on each property.

Wholesale Deals

We are constantly marketing for off-market deals and often have deals we cannot put into our system.  We offer these deals first to our investor family before marketing them to outside investors.  This is a fantastic way to acquire a property on your own and go on your own way with it.

We Offer Great Deals on Fixer Upper & Other Investment Properties!

As we work to locate new properties, we come across many real estate opportunities.  We can only handle just so many projects.  We always make sure the property values & investment potential make sense and give our partners a nice profit for their effort.  We are aggressive local marketers and come across deals that you can’t find on the MLS or through most real estate agents.

If you are interested, please join our “VIP Property Buyers List” and you will receive an advance email notice of upcoming properties, along with our financial summary of the deals.  We only provide this service to our VIP Property Buyers List.

USA Real Estate Is Hot!

Contact Us to See How You Can Participate in the Current Real Estate Market While Earning Solid Financial Returns.

As a leading marketer for real estate opportunities, we run across some great investment deals.  We choose to share these deals with our VIP Buyers first before posting to other sites.

We also work with pre-qualified local investors who want to diversify their portfolios and earn solid returns.  We work in several ways, including joint ventures on projects to private lenders looking to achieve a stable & safe return on their portfolio.

Don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know you are interested in having a conversation on our VIP Investor options.


Check Our Various Websites and Subsidiary Companies:

This is our marketing website for off-market properties.  We use this site to acquire properties and wholesale our projects.

This site is a vital part of our enhanced cash flow strategy. We market for potential lease option tenants, provide education and screening to our tenants, and manage each property.

This site provides leads for our loan brokerage and lending company.

Education is key to understanding how our money works. There is a lot of bad advice out there. Our blog provides a different perspective of how to utilize real estate investments to achieve our financial goals.