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We buy, fix, lease, and sell NW real estate.  We improve & enhance our local communities and help local property owners as well as investors share in our positive real estate market.

Revest Strategies Specializes In Solving Real Estate And Investment Property Problems With Innovative Solutions.

We Work With Owners & Buyers To Provide Honest Solutions To Real Estate Problems & Investors Looking To Build A Better Portfolio.

Revest Strategies LLC is a top-level real estate investment group investing in the Western US.  We pride ourselves on our innovative, honest, and ethical solutions to real estate problems.   We specialize in locating and buying key properties, including single-family homes, mobile homes, land, multi-family, commercial, and retail.  We are an excellent solution for property sellers who are unable or uncomfortable with selling their property in a traditional way through a real estate agent or on the open market.

We pride ourselves on our ability to solve the tricky problems and help our communities by working to bring each property back to its former glory and providing a new home to great buyers or renters.

We Offer Great Deals On Fixer Upper & Other Investment Properties!

As we work to locate new properties, we come across many real estate opportunities.  We can only handle just so many projects.  We always make sure the property values & investment potential make sense and give our partners a nice profit for their effort.  We are aggressive local marketers and come across deals that you can't find on the MLS or through most real estate agents.

If you are interested, please join our “VIP Property Buyers List” and you will receive an advance email notice of upcoming properties, along with our financial summary of the deals.  We only provide this service to our VIP Property Buyers List.

USA Real Estate Is Hot!

Contact Us To See How You Can Participate In The Current Real Estate Market While Earning Solid Financial Returns.

As a leading marketer for real estate opportunities, we run across some great investment deals.  We choose to share these deals with our VIP Buyers first before posting to other sites.

We also work with pre-qualified local investors who want to diversify their portfolios and earn solid returns.  We work in a variety of ways including joint ventures on projects to private lenders looking to achieve a stable & safe return on their portfolio.

Please contact us and let us know you are interested in having a conversation on our VIP Investor options.


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